From Lab to Lecturer: Postdoc Andrea Berardi Elevates to Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Plant Biology at James Madison University!

Andrea is starting this fall as a tenure-track assistant professor of plant biology at James Madison University. There she will continue her work on studying the evolution of red floral color and the genetic architecture of reproductive isolation in Silene.

Harvard’s Hopkins Lab: Decoding the Language of Flowers and Evolution in the World of Phlox

Discover the fascinating work of the scientists at Harvard University’s Hopkins Lab, as they investigate the formation of new species and delve into the secrets of Phlox flowers. Through a meticulous examination of the Phlox life cycle, they uncover the evolutionary mechanisms that maintain species separation and contribute to the incredible diversity of life on Earth. Check out the video above!

Unveiling Nature’s Secrets: Exploring Selfing in Phlox cuspidata

Prof. Robin Hopkins alongside graduate students Bushra M. Shahid and Grace A. Burgin discuss selfie in Phlox cuspidata through experimental and genetic analysis. Read more about it here.

Fluttering Pollinators: A Comprehensive Journey Through Each Stage of Phlox drummondii Pollination

Embarking on the intricate journey of pollination biology, this research unveils the hidden connections between the wildflower Phlox drummondii and its primary pollinator. Beyond the predictive power of floral syndrome traits, this empirical study offers a nuanced exploration, confirming the anticipated role of Lepidoptera in this floral dance.

By: Robin Hopkins, Grace A. Burgin, Olivia Bronzo-Munich, Austin G. Garner, Izzy A. Acevedo. You can read the research here

New publication on Phlox species is here!

Congrats to alumni Hopkins Lab members Ben, Matthew, Andrea, Charlie, Megan and Robin on their new publication titled “A multi-dimensional selective landscape drives adaptive divergence between and within closely related Phlox species.” Read it here.

The Hopkins Lab has gained a new Dr.! Congrats Dr. Austin Garner!

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Garner, who successfully defended his thesis on Friday. Congratulations Dr. Garner!  We’re all very proud of you, Austin!

Phlox Drummondii publication is here!

Congrats to Austin, Andrew, Andrea and Robin on their new publication titled “A cis-regulatory point mutation at a R2R3-Myb transcription factor contributes to speciation by reinforcement in Phlox drummondii” Read it here

Cheers to Andrea and Robin! Check out their paper on floral morphology published in Frontiers in Plant Science journal.

Cheers to Andrea and Robin for their new paper out in Frontiers in Plant Science journal. The paper discusses the North American red-flowering Silene. Check it out here!

Christina joins the lab!

We are excited to welcome Christina Steinecke to the lab! Christina will be working in the lab as a graduate student and concentrating on speciation, major transitions and selfing. We are excited to have her become part of the our lab family!

Anna completes her fieldwork in the Midwest!

Anna completes three weeks of fieldwork on perennial Phlox in the Midwest