Matt is off to grad school!

Congratulations to (former) lab tech Matt Farnitano, who is starting a PhD at University of Georgia with Dr. Andrea Sweigart. The lab has not imploded in his absence… yet.

Welcome new postdoc, Sam!

Dr. Samridhi Chaturvedi joins the lab as a postdoc. She just completed her PhD with Dr. Zach Gompert at Utah State University, where she studied the genomic basis of adaptation and speciation in Lycaeides butterflies. She will be sequencing the first Phlox genome!

Franchesco and Shayla graduate

Congratulations to (former) graduate students Franchesco and Shayla on graduating! Shayla will start a postdoc at Cornell with Dr. Chelsea Specht and Dr. Rob Raguso, and Franchesco is off to start a faculty position at Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia.

Emma joins as DaRin Butz summer intern

Emma O’Donnell joins the lab this summer through the DaRin Butz Foundation program at the Arnold Arboretum. She will be working with Austin on characterizing reproductive barriers between sympatric Phlox species.

Robin receives NSF grant!

Robin is awarded a grant to study pollen-pistil interaction in Phlox through the NSF Plant Biotic Interactions program.

G4 symposium

The 4th year graduate students in OEB presented their research to the department. Ben talked about his reciprocal transplant experiment testing the potential role of local adaptation in Phlox speciation.

Gordon Conference on Speciation

Robin, Austin, and Ben attend the Gordon Conference on Speciation in sunny Ventura, CA. Great meeting and great community!

Austin passed quals!

Congratulations new PhD candidate, Austin Garner

Franchesco publishes in American Journal of Botany!

Congratulations to Franchesco for his publication on climatic niche expansion in an autopolyploid! Read it here

Robin receives NSF CAREER grant

Robin is a recipient of the prestigious NSF CAREER award for early career faculty! Read more from the Harvard Gazette.